Committee Mandates

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Associates Executive Committee

Mandate: To provide an effective liaison between condominium managers, property management companies and the trades, suppliers, and professionals who service the condominium community; and to actively promote ACMO.

Awards Committee

Mandate: To annually solicit nominations and submissions for key ACMO Awards and to provide for a confidential and objective judging process; the Awards Committee will make recommendations on program improvements as periodically required.

Certification and Standards Committee

Mandate: To create and maintain quality standards for the development and compliance of ACMO 2000 companies.

Communications Committee

Mandate: To further ACMO’s mission by disseminating information through a variety of channels (both internal and external) specifically to members, as well as to the condominium community and the general public that raises the profile of ACMO and R.C.M.s. As well, to ensure the implementation of ACMO’s branding strategy across all these points of communication.

Continuing Education Committee

Mandate: To deliver professional education to condominium managers throughout the Province of Ontario in a variety of forms.

Ethics Committee

Mandate: To ensure that there is compliance with the ACMO Code of Ethics. To review and revise as required the ACMO Codes of Ethics and the accompanying review and compliance and disciplinary procedures.

Government Relations Committee

Mandate: To develop a comprehensive approach and vehicle for the pursuit of licensing RCM’s and to ensure the provincial government recognizes ACMO as a material partner on all issues involving current or future legislation affecting condominium owners and developers, including taxation and other regulatory bodies.

Member Benefits Committee

The mandate of this new committee is to explore and develop tangible value-added benefits that clearly demonstrate the value of ACMO membership. Our goal is to roll out new services as we move toward the licensing of condominium property managers, offering benefits that will support our members in their professional lives and offer cost savings in a variety of areas.

Nominating Committee

Mandate: To prepare and submit to the voting members at the Annual Meeting of the Association, a list of candidate nominations for election.

Professional Development Committee

Mandate: To promote and provide the highest standards of professional development within ACMO to its members through a variety of educational programs and training.