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*Membership year is from January to December and your first year is not pro-rated. Your second year renewal will reflect the pro-rated amount.


Student (non-voting): Any person enrolled in any ACMO condominium manager educational course that is a pre-requisite for the R.C.M. designation program. The applicant must provide proof of enrollment in ACMO courses for membership to be approved.

Price: Complimentary

Price: Free!



Candidate (non-voting): Any person who has successfully completed all the ACMO courses, or any person employed in a full-time capacity in the management of condominiums, is eligible to become a candidate member of the Association provided that they agree to meet all of the criteria and to write the R.C.M. examination within four (4) years of acceptance of membership. A Candidate Membership shall not be renewed after the fourth year.

Price: $106.00 + $13.78 (HST) = $119.78 (Yearly renewable fee)

Price: $106.00


R.C.M. Designation

Registered Condominium Manager (R.C.M.) (voting): Any Member who is directly employed in condominium management in Ontario and who has a minimum of two years employment as a condominium manager and who has successfully completed the RCM examination is entitled to use the designation “Registered Condominium Manager”, as long as he or she is a member in good standing of the Association and abides by the Association’s code of professional ethics and By-Laws.

Price: $270.00



Management (non-voting): Any company, corporation, partnership or firm engaged in the business of the management of condominium in Ontario is eligible for membership as a Corporate Member, provided that the company agrees that no condominium manager on staff shall be given total responsibility for the management of the affairs of any condominium corporation except under the active supervision of a Registered Condominium Manager. All Corporate members are required to obtain ACMO 2000 certification within three years of joining ACMO as a Corporate member.

Please note, you must be actively engaged in the management of at least three Condominium Corporation in the Province of Ontario.

Price: $450.00 + $58.50 (HST) = $508.50 (Yearly renewable fee)

Price: $450.00




Persons engaged in the supply of goods and services to condominium corporations, managers or management companies. Applicants must have WSIB and liability insurance coverage as applicable to the business. All applicants must provide their Federal Business Numbers.

Price: $550.00 + $71.50 (HST) = $621.50 (Yearly renewable fee)

Price: $550.00